November 20th, 2018

Neurosurgeon Office Interior, Mediclinic

Joan Viljoen Design was appointed to transform the interior of a neurosurgeon’s office suite at Vergelegen Mediclinic, Somerset West. We sought to provide an unique aesthetic solution which also makes provision for a patient’s emotional and physical needs. A noteworthy aspect of the brief was that we could create a visual language via the interior to illustrate subject matter relating to the doctor’s medical field. This was done by making visual reference to brain tractography, a 3D modeling technique in neuroscience used to visually represent nerve tracts. Artist, Christine Goosen, was commissioned to create artwork based on this technology. Her detailed monochrome work was also used to create custom wallpaper for the reception area. To make the space less clinical and abstract, warmer tones of pale pink and flax together with natural materials were introduced, resulting in a more relaxed and inviting interior.

Photography by Sulet Fourie