May 29th, 2015

Chelsea Bean - Restaurant Revamp

Chelsea Village, in the heart of Somerset-West, is a popular spot for boutique shopping or grabbing a tasty bite to eat. In the centre of the village lies Chelsea Bean (previously called, Chelsea Square), a day-time eatery in an open courtyard. It was to this venue that I was commissioned to revamp the interior space that lacked visual appeal and declining business activity during winter months.

My main objective was to come up with an aesthetic design solution that would make the space warmer in the colder months without sacrificing the pleasant summer outdoor feel that added such a unique feature to the space. The idea of a conservatory came to mind and proved to be the best solution. The area under roof was closed off with big sliding windows and doors that blended in very well with the rest of the architecture. A cosy coffee bar was fitted together with stylish new finishes and custom furniture to further enhance the concept. A fountain that leaked water was transformed into an aromatic indoor garden, making the greenery part of the decor. The outside garden area was reworked to grow own herbs and veggies - further complimenting the philosophy of “farm to table”. Whether the windows are now closed on cold days or open during summer, the outdoor charm and delicious food can now be experienced all year long.

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